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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Agronomic characteristics of Lettuce grown with monoammonium phosphate in sandy soilChagas, Wantuir Filipe Teixeira; Guelfi, Douglas Ramos; Emrich, Eduardo Bucsan; Silveira, Marco Túlio de Paiva; Caputo, André Luiz Carvalho; Andrade, André Baldansi; Faquin, Valdemar; Soares, Leandro dos Santos
2017Ammonia and carbon dioxide emissions by stabilized conventional nitrogen fertilizers and controlled release in corn cropSouza, Taylor Lima de; Guelfi, Douglas Ramos; Silva, André Leite; Andrade, André Baldansi; Chagas, Wantuir Filipe Teixeira; Cancellier, Eduardo Lopes
2016Ammonia volatilization from blends with stabilized and controlled-released urea in the coffee systemChagas, Wantuir Filipe Teixeira; Guelfi, Douglas Ramos; Caputo, André Luiz Carvalho; Souza, Taylor Lima de; Andrade, André Baldansi; Faquin, Valdemar
Apr-2020Genotypic Variation in Nitrogen Use-Efficiency Traits of 28 Tobacco GenotypesAndrade, André Baldansi; Silva, Douglas Ramos Guelfi; Faquin, Valdemar; Coelho, Fabrício S.; Souza, Carolina S. de C.; Faquin, Giulianno Panzarini; Souza, Kamila Rezende Dázio de; Chagas, Wantuir Filipe Teixeira
May-2018Monoammonium phosphate coated with polymers and magnesium for coffee plantsGuelfi, Douglas Ramos; Chagas, Wantuir Filipe Teixeira; Lacerda, Jordana Reis; Chagas, Rafael Mattioli Rezende; Souza, Taylor Lima de; Andrade, André Baldansi
2019Nitrogen fertilizers technologies for coffee plantsChagas, Wantuir Filipe Teixeira; Guelfi, Douglas Ramos; Lacerda, Jordana Reis; Pinto, Leandro Campos; Andrade, André Baldansi; Faquin, Valdemar
18-Jun-2021Physiological and biochemical mechanisms related with the nitrogen use efficiency in tobacco genotypesAndrade, André Baldansi
10-Aug-2016Release characteristics of blends from slow, controlled and conventional nitrogen fertilizers and uptake by cornAndrade, André Baldansi
Dec-2020Root Morphology and Joint Uptake Kinetics of Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium in Six Eucalyptus ClonesPinto, Sheila Isabel Do Carmo; Furtini Neto, Antônio Eduardo; Moretti, Bruno da Silva; Santos, César Ferreira; Andrade, André Baldansi; Guelfi, Douglas