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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2012Seedlings of cashew trees of the brazilian cerrado inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and phosphate-solubilizing microorganismsCabral, J. Silva Rodrigues; Assis, Kerlley Cristina de; Silva, Fabiano Guimarães; Souchie, Edson Luiz; Carneiro, Marco Aurélio Carbone
2020Selection of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi for sugarcane in four soils with the presence of dark septate endophytesFors, Rosalba Ortega; Saggin Júnior, Orivaldo José; Carneiro, Marco Aurélio Carbone; Berbara, Ricardo Luis Louro
Nov-2018Soil physical and biological properties in an integrated crop-livestock system in the brazilian cerradoBonetti, João de Andrade; Paulino, Helder Barbosa; Souza, Edicarlos Damacena de; Carneiro, Marco Aurélio Carbone; Caetano, Jeander Oliveira
Nov-2018Soil quality and soybean productivity in crop-livestock integrated system in no-tillageLaroca, Jackeline Vieira dos Santos; Souza, Juliana Mendes Andrade de; Pires, Gabriela Castro; Pires, Gleidson José Coutinho; Pacheco, Leandro Pereira; Silva, Francine Damian da; Wruck, Flávio Jesus; Carneiro, Marco Aurélio Carbone; Silva, Laércio Santos; Souza, Edicarlos Damacena de
2019Soil quality indicators after conversion of “murundu” fields into no-tillage cropping in the Brazilian CerradoSouza, Edicarlos Damacena de; Silva, Camila Rodrigues Menezes da; Pinto, Flávio Araújo; Carneiro, Marco Aurélio Carbone; Paulino, Helder Barbosa; Pacheco, Leandro Pereira; Terra, Flávia Dias; Laroca, Jackeline Vieira dos Santos
1-Feb-2014Soil quality indicators in a Rhodic Paleudult under long term tillage systemsSouza, Elisângela Dutra de; Costa, Sérgio Ely Valadão Gigante de Andrade; Anghinoni, Ibanor; Carneiro, Marco Aurélio Carbone; Martins, Amanda Posselt; Bayer, Cimélio
1-Jan-2019Steel slag and phosphate nutrition of corn inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungiNunes, Anita Bueno de Camargo; Saggin Júnior, Orivaldo José; Silva, Eliane Maria Ribeiro da; Pinto, Flávio Araújo; Santos, Jessé Valentim dos; Carneiro, Marco Aurélio Carbone
1-Mar-2013Stratification ratio of organic matter pools influenced by management systems in a weathered Oxisol from a tropical agro-ecoregion in BrazilFigueiredo, C. C.; Resck, D. V. S.; Carneiro, Marco Aurélio Carbone; Ramos, M. L. G.; Sá, J. C. M.
Jan-2017X-ray microanalytical studies of mineral elements in the tripartite symbiosis between lima bean, N2-fixing bacteria and mycorrhizal fungiRodak, Bruna Wurr; Freitas, Douglas Siqueira; Bamberg, Soraya Marx; Carneiro, Marco Aurélio Carbone; Guilherme, Luiz Roberto Guimarães