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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2016Accuracy in dynamic laser speckle: optimum size of speckles for temporal and frequency analysesBraga Junior, Roberto A.; González-Peña, Rolando J.
Nov-2016Assessment of biological activity in RAW 264.7 cell line stimulated with lipopolysaccharide using dynamic laser speckleGonzález-Peña, Rolando J.; Pérez-Montoyo, Héctor; Braga Junior, Roberto A.; Viana, Dimitri Campos
Dec-2018Diode laser reliability in dynamic laser speckle application: stability and signal to noise ratioGonzález-Peña, Rolando J.; Braga Júnior, Roberto A.; Pujaico-Rivera, Fernando
May-2014Monitoring of the action of drugs in melanoma cells by dynamic laser speckleGonzález-Peña, Rolando J.; Braga Junior, Roberto A.; Cibrián, Rosa M.; Salvador-Palmer, Rosario; Gil-Benso, Rosario; San Miguel, Teresa
2017Phase shift-digital speckle pattern interferometry and optimization for bones displacements predictionGonzález-Peña, Rolando J.; Magalhães, Ricardo Rodrigues; Braga Junior, Roberto Alves; Ferreira, Danton Diego
1-Dec-2016Phase-shifting of correlation fringes created by image processing as an alternative to improve digital shearographyBraga Junior, Roberto A.; González-Peña, Rolando J.; Marcon, Marlon; Magalhães, Ricardo R.; Paiva-Almeida, Thiago; Santos, Igor V. A.; Martins, Moisés
2018A portable dynamic laser speckle system for sensing long-term changes caused by treatments in painting conservationPérez, Alberto J.; González-Peña, Rolando J.; Braga Júnior, Roberto; Perles, Ángel; Pérez-Marín, Eva; García-Diego, Fernando J.