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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Burkholderia isolates from a sand dune leaf litter display biocontrol activity against the bole rot disease of Agave sisalanaMagalhães, Valter Cruz; Barbosa, Leonardo de Oliveira; Andrade, Jackeline Pereira; Soares, Ana Cristina Fermino; Souza, Jorge Teodoro de; Marbach, Phellippe Arthur Santos
21-Jul-2021Burkholderia perseverans sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from the restinga ecosystem, is a producer of volatile and diffusible compounds that inhibit plant pathogensAndrade, Jackeline Pereira; Souza, Harisson Guimarães de; Ferreira, Larissa Carvalho; Cnockaert, Margo; Canck, Evelien de; Wieme, Anneleen D.; Peeters, Charlotte; Gross, Eduardo; Souza, Jorge Teodoro de; Marbach, Phellippe Arthur Santos; Góes-Neto, Aristóteles; Vandamme, Peter
2019Different ways of doing the same: variations in the two last steps of the purine biosynthetic pathway in prokaryotesCruz, Dennifier Costa Brandão; Santana, Lenon Lima; Guedes, Alexandre Siqueira; Souza, Jorge Teodoro de; Marbach, Phellippe Arthur Santos
Jun-2021Endophytic bacteria isolated from both healthy and diseased Agave sisalana plants are able to control the bole rot diseaseSouza, Jorge Teodoro de; Silva, Augusto Cesar Moura; Santos, Adailson Feitozade Jesus; Santos, Patricia Oliveira; Alves, Paula Soares; Magalhães, Valter Cruz; Marbach, Phellippe Arthur Santos; Loguercio, Leandro Lopes
Nov-2019First-tier detection of intragenomic 16S rRNA gene variation in culturable endophytic bacteria from cacao seedsSilva, Cleiziane Bispo da; Santos, Hellen Ribeiro Martins dos; Marbach, Phellippe Arthur Santos; Souza, Jorge Teodoro de; Cruz-Magalhães, Valter; Argôlo-Filho, Ronaldo Costa