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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Management strategies of Eremanthus erythropappus (DC.) MacLeish under different initial spacingScolforo, José Roberto Soares; Altoe, Thiza Falqueto; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraco; Mello, Jose Marcio de; Silva, Charles Plinio Castro e; Ferraz Filho, Antonio Carlos
15-Nov-2016Modeling dominant height growth of eucalyptus plantations with parameters conditioned to climatic variationsScolforo, Henrique Ferraco; Castro Neto, Fernando de; Scolforo, Jose Roberto Soares; Burkhart, Harold; McTague, John Paul; Raimundo, Marcel Regis; Loos, Rodolfo Araújo; Fonseca, Sebastião da; Sartório, Robert Cardoso
15-Sep-2017A new model of tropical tree diameter growth rate and its application to identify fast-growing native tree speciesScolforo, Henrique Ferraco; Scolforo, Jose Roberto Soares; Thiersch, Claudio Roberto; Thiersch, Monica Fabiana; McTague, John Paul; Burkhart, Harold; Ferraz Filho, Antonio Carlos; Mello, Jose Marcio de; Roise, Joseph
12-Jun-2015Spatial distribution of aboveground carbon stock of the arboreal vegetation in brazilian biomes of savanna, atlantic forest and semi-arid woodlandScolforo, Henrique Ferraco; Scolforo, José Roberto Soares; Mello, Carlos Rogerio; Mello, Jose Marcio; Ferraz Filho, Antonio Carlos
15-Sep-2016Spatial interpolators for improving the mapping of carbon stock of the arboreal vegetation in Brazilian biomes of Atlantic forest and SavannaScolforo, Henrique Ferraco; Scolforo, Jose Roberto Soares; Mello, Jose Marcio de; Mello, Carlos Rogerio de; Morais, Vinicius Augusto