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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2015Metabolic effects of β-glucans (Saccharomyces cerevisae) per os administration in rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetesLobato, Raquel Vieira; Silva, Viviam de Oliveira; Andrade, Eric Francelino; Orlando, Débora Ribeiro; Zangerônimo, Márcio Gilberto; Souza, Raimundo Vicente de; Pereira, Luciano José
2017Oral microbe-host interactions: influence of β-glucans on gene expression of inflammatory cytokines and metabolome profileSilva, Viviam de Oliveira; Pereira, Luciano José; Murata, Ramiro Mendonça
2018Physical exercise improves glycemic and inflammatory profile and attenuates progression of periodontitis in diabetic rats (HFD/STZ)Andrade, Eric Francelino; Silva, Viviam de Oliveira; Moura, Natália Oliveira de; Foureaux, Renata de Carvalho; Orlando, Débora Ribeiro; Moura, Rodrigo Ferreira de; Pereira, Luciano José
2017Promising effects of beta-glucans on metabolism and on the immune responses: review articleSilva, Viviam de Oliveira; Moura, Natália Oliveira de; Oliveira, Larissa Jahnel Rodrigues de; Peconick, Ana Paula; Pereira, Luciano José
2014Use of biodiesel co-products (Glycerol) as alternative sources of energy in animal nutrition: a systematic reviewSilva, Viviam de Oliveira; Lopes, Edna; Andrade, Eric Francelino; Sousa, Raimundo Vicente de; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Pereira, Luciano José
2015β-glucans (saccharomyces cereviseae) reduce glucose levels and attenuate alveolar bone loss in diabetic rats with periodontal diseaseSilva, Viviam de Oliveira; Lobato, Raquel Vieira; Andrade, Eric Francelino; Macedo, Cristina Gomes de; Napimoga, Juliana Trindade Clemente; Napimoga, Marcelo Henrique; Messora, Michel Reis; Murata, Ramiro Mendonça; Pereira, Luciano José