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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Assessing Water Erosion Processes in Degraded Area Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ImagerySiqueira Junior, Paulo; Silva, Marx Leandro Naves; Cândido, Bernardo Moreira; Batista, Pedro Velloso Gomes; Curi, Nilton; Lima, Wellington de; Quinton, John Norman; Avalos, Fabio Arnaldo Pomar
14-Feb-2020A critical evaluation of soil erosion models: case studies from Southeast BrazilBatista, Pedro Velloso Gomes
Jul-2017Hybrid kriging methods for interpolating sparse river bathymetry point dataBatista, Pedro Velloso Gomes; Silva, Marx Leandro Naves; Avalos, Fabio Arnaldo Pomar; Oliveira, Marcelo Silva de; Menezes, Michele Duarte de; Curi, Nilton
Oct-2017Modelling spatially distributed soil losses and sediment yield in the upper grande river basin – BrazilBatista, Pedro Velloso Gomes; Silva, Marx Leandro Naves; Silva, Bárbara Pereira Christofaro; Curi, Nilton; Bueno, Inácio Thomaz; Acérbi Júnior, Fausto Weimar; Davies, Jessica; Quinton, John
Sep-2017Phosphorus transfer at a small catchment in southeastern Brazil: distributed modelling in different land use scenariosBispo, Diêgo Faustolo Alves; Silva, Marx Leandro Naves; Marques, João José Granate de Sá e Melo; Bechmann, Marianne; Batista, Pedro Velloso Gomes; Curi, Nilton
Aug-2016Rainfall erosivity and recurrence analysis for the region of Teixeira de Freitas, BAGuimarães, Danielle Vieira; Silva, Marx Leandro Naves; Curi, Nilton; Melo Neto, José de Oliveira; Batista, Pedro Velloso Gomes
2018Relationship among crop systems, soil cover, and water erosion on a typic hapludoxLima, Pedro Luiz Terra; Silva, Marx Leandro Naves; Quinton, John Norman; Batista, Pedro Velloso Gomes; Cândido, Bernardo Moreira; Curi, Nilton
Jul-2016Soil and water losses in eucalyptus plantation and natural forest and determination of the USLE factors at a pilot sub-basin in Rio Grande do Sul, BrazilSilva, Bárbara Pereira Christofaro; Silva, Marx Leandro Naves; Batista, Pedro Velloso Gomes; Pontes, Lucas Machado; Araújo, Elias Frank; Curi, Nilton
2013Soil cover plants on water erosion control in the South of Minas GeraisDias, Adriana Cristina; Silva, Marx Leandro Naves; Freitas, Diego Antonio França de; Batista, Pedro Velloso Gomes; Curi, Nilton; Carvalho, Gabriel José de