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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2014Effects of 60 Hz sinusoidal magnetic field on in vitro establishment, multiplication, and acclimatization phases of Coffea arabica seedlings.Alemán, Elizabeth Isaac; Moreira, Rafael Oliveira; Lima, Andre Almeida; Silva, Samuel Chaves; González-Olmedo, J. L.; Chalfun-Junior, A.
18-Aug-2016Expression and validation of PvPGIP genes for resistance to white mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) in common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)Vasconcellos, R. C. C.; Lima, T. F. C.; Fernandes-Brum, C. N.; Chalfun-Junior, A.; Santos, J. B.
Dec-2014Expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism in the muscle of beef cattle fed soybean or rumen-protected fat, with or without monensin supplementationOliveira, D. M.; Chalfun-Junior, A.; Chizzotti, M. L.; Barreto, H. G.; Coelho, T. C.; Paiva, L. V.; Coelho, C. P.; Teixeira, P. D.; Schoonmaker, J. P.; Ladeira, M. M.
1-Apr-2016Expression of genes related to the regulation of muscle protein turnover in Angus and Nellore bullsBusato, K. C.; Gomes, R. A.; Ladeira, M. M.; Duarte, M. S.; Freitas, N. C.; Rodrigues, A. C.; Chalfun-Junior, A.; Paiva, L. V.; Chizzotti, M. L.
Oct-2015New insights on Coffea miRNAs: features and evolutionary conservationChaves, S. S.; Fernandes-Brum, C. N.; Silva, G. F. F.; Ferrara-Barbosa, B. C.; Paiva, L. V.; Nogueira, F. T. S.; Cardoso, T. C. S.; Amaral, L. R.; Gomes, M. de Souza; Chalfun-Junior, A.
Apr-2013A proposed model for the flowering signaling pathway of sugarcane under photoperiodic controlCoelho, C. P.; Costa Netto, A. P.; Colasanti, J.; Chalfun-Junior, A.