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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Differences in vegetative morphological traits caused by habitat mediates herbivory rates in a perennial herbDemetrio, Guilherme Ramos; Curi, Nelson Henrique de Almeida; Canedo-Júnior, Ernesto de Oliveira; Malves, Kira; Faria, Lucas del Bianco; Coelho, Flávia de Freitas
Jan-2020Dry soil determines the pseudoviviparous reproduction in Comanthera nivea (Eriocaulaceae) in the Campos Rupestres in south‐eastern BrazilLombello, Juliana Carmen; Biondi, Michel; Teodoro, Grazielle Sales; Coelho, Flávia de Freitas
2017Effects of shade on individual ramet growth and on clonal growth of the aquatic fern Salvinia auriculata (Salviniaceae)Medeiros, Jessica Cristina Carvalho; Silva, Josiane Carvalho Fonseca; Teodoro, Grazielle Sales; Coelho, Flávia de Freitas
2021Epiphytic cyanobacterial strains in the roots of Salvinia auriculata and the effect of light and nutrients on the production of heterocyst, akinete and hormogoniaPimenta, Larissa Langsdorff; Lima, Gustavo Pereira; Biondi, Michel; Vaz, Marcelo Gomes Marçal Vieira; Coelho, Flávia de Freitas
2015Gall influence on flower production in Solanum lycocarpum (Solanaceae)Malves, Kira; Coelho, Flávia de Freitas
Dec-2010How does a Psittacanthus robustus Mart. population structure relate to a Vochysia thyrsoidea Pohl. host population?Teodoro, Grazielle Sales; Berg, Eduardo van den; Santos, Marcela de Castro Nunes; Coelho, Flávia de Freitas
Oct-2020Isolation of freshwater microalgae and outdoor cultivation using cheese whey as substrateBonett, José Eduardo Abril; Geraldino, Priscilla de Sousa; Cardoso, Patricia Gomes; Coelho, Flávia de Freitas; Duarte, Whasley Ferreira
2020Plant density influence on life history traits of a perennial herb in rocky outcrops, southeastern BrazilDemetrio, Guilherme Ramos; Barbosa, Mario Eduardo Avelar; Coelho, Flávia de Freitas
2018Ramet versus sporocarp production in the aquatic fern Salvinia auriculata (Salviniaceae): the role of shadingMedeiros, Jessica Cristina Carvalho; Silva, Josiane Carvalho Fonseca; Resende, Tamiris da Silveira Campos; Teodoro, Grazielle Sales; Pereira, Fabrício José; Coelho, Flávia de Freitas
Jan-2018The role of soil conditions on Leiothrix (Eriocaulaceae) endemic species distribution and abundance on campos rupestresDemetrio, Guilherme Ramos; Coelho, Flávia de Freitas
2021Urban environmental influences on heterocyst investment in Leptogium cyanescens (Collemataceae)Fávaro, Ana; Nascimento, Antônio Galvão do; Coelho, Flávia de Freitas