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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2020A 50-year retrospective of the forest productivity cooperative in the Southeastern United States: regionwide trialsCarter, David R.; Allen, H. Lee; Fox, Thomas R.; Albaugh, Timothy J; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Campoe, Otávio C.; Cook, Rachel L.
Nov-2020Complementarity increases production in genetic mixture of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) throughout planted rangeCarter, David R.; Albaugh, Timothy J.; Campoe, Otávio C.; Grossman, Jake J.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Sumnall, Matthew; Maier, Christopher A.; Cook, Rachel L.; Fox, Thomas R.
2020Crown architecture, crown leaf area distribution, and individual tree growth efficiency vary across site, genetic entry, and planting densityAlbaugh, Timothy J.; Maier, Chris A.; Campoe, Otávio C.; Yáñez, Marco A.; Carbaugh, Eric D.; Carter, David R.; Cook, Rachel L.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Fox, Thomas R.
15-Oct-2021Duration of response to nitrogen and phosphorus applications in mid-rotation Pinus taedaAlbaugh, Timothy J.; Albaugh, Janine M.; Carter, David R.; Cook, Rachel L.; Cohrs, Chris W.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Campoe, Otávio C.
31-Jan-2022Effect of varied unmanned aerial vehicle laser scanning pulse density on accurately quantifying forest structureSumnall, Matthew J.; Albaugh, Timothy J.; Carter, David R.; Cook, Rachel L.; Hession, W. Cully; Campoe, Otávio C.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Wynne, Randolph H.; Thomas, Valerie A.
1-Mar-2021Estimating the overstory and understory vertical extents and their leaf area index in intensively managed loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) plantations using airborne laser scanningSumnall, Matthew J.; Trlica, Andrew; Carter, David R.; Cook, Rachel L.; Schulte, Morgan L.; Campoe, Otávio C.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Wynne, Randolph H.; Thomas, Valerie A.
Dec-2021Eucalyptus grandis response to calcium fertilization in ColombiaGrover, Zach S.; Cook, Rachel L.; Zapata, Marcela; Urrego, J. Byron; Albaugh, Timothy J.; Zelaya, Ariel; Ozyhar, Tomasz; Rubilar, Rafael; Carter, David R.
1-Oct-2020Mid-rotation response of Pinus taeda to early silvicultural treatments in subtropical ArgentinaSchulte, Morgan L.; Cook, Rachel L.; Albaugh, Timothy J.; Allen, H. Lee; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Pezzutti, Raúl; Caldato, Silvana Lucia; Campoe, Otávio; Carter, David R.
2020A new approach for modeling volume response from mid-rotation fertilization of Pinus taeda L. plantationsScolforo, Henrique F.; Montes, Cristian; Cook, Rachel L.; Allen, Howard Lee; Albaugh, Timothy J.; Rubilar, Rafael; Campoe, Otavio
Jun-2019Spatial association of fruit yield of Bertholletia excelsa Bonpl. trees in eastern AmazonBatista, Anderson Pedro Bernardina; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraco; Mello, José Márcio de; Guedes, Marcelino Carneiro; Terra, Marcela Castro Nunes Santos; Scalon, João Domingos; Gomide, Lucas Rezende; Scolforo, Paula Gomides Vitor; Cook, Rachel L.