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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2020Active rehabilitation of Amazonian sand mines converges soils, plant communities and environmental status to their predisturbance levelsGastauer, Markus; Caldeira, Cecílio F.; Ramos, Silvio J.; Silva, Delmo F.; Siqueira, José Oswaldo
Mar-2018Influence of nutrient management on growth and nutrient use efficiency of two plant species for mineland revegetationCarvalho, João M.; Ramos, Silvio J.; Furtini Neto, Antonio Eduardo; Gastauer, Markus; Caldeira Júnior, Cecilio F.; Siqueira, José O.; Silva, Maria L. S.
Sep-2018Initial growth of fabaceae species: combined effects of topsoil and fertilizer application for mineland revegetationSilva, Joyce Reis; Gastauer, Markus; Ramos, Silvio Junio; Mitre, Simone Kuster; Furtini Neto, Antonio Eduardo; Siqueira, Jose Oswaldo; Caldeira, Cecilio Frois
2017Long-term monitoring of diversity and structure of two stands of an Atlantic Tropical ForestDiniz, Écio Souza; Carvalho, Warley Augusto Caldas; Santos, Rubens Manoel; Gastauer, Markus; Garcia, Paulo Oswaldo; Fontes, Marco Aurélio Leite; Coelho, Polyanne Aparecida; Moreira, Aline Martins; Menino, Gisele Cristina Oliveira; Oliveira-Filho, Ary Teixeira
-Mine land rehabilitation in Brazil: goals and techniques in the context of legal requirementsGastauer, Markus; Souza Filho, Pedro Walfir Martins; Ramos, Silvio Junio; Caldeira, Cecílio Frois; Silva, Joyce Reis; Siqueira, José Oswaldo; Furtini Neto, Antonio Eduardo
Jan-2018Mine land rehabilitation: modern ecological approaches for more sustainable miningGastauer, Markus; Silva, Joyce Reis; Caldeira Junior, Cecílio Fróis; Ramos, Silvio Junio; Souza Filho, Pedro Walfir Martins; Furtini Neto, Antonio Eduardo; Siqueira, José Oswaldo
Nov-2018Nutrient and water dynamics of amazonian canga vegetation differ among physiognomies and from those of other neotropical ecosystemsMitre, Simone Kuster; Mardegan, Silvia Fernanda; Caldeira, Cecilio Frois; Ramos, Silvio Junio; Furtini Neto, Antonio Eduardo; Siqueira, Jose Oswaldo; Gastauer, Markus