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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2020Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and organic manure enhance growth and accumulation of citral, total phenols, and flavonoids in Melissa officinalis LAssis, Rafael Marlon Alves de; Carneiro, Joana Junqueira; Medeiros, Ana Paula Ribeiro; Carvalho, Alexandre Alves de; Honorato, Alan da Cunha; Carneiro, Marco Aurélio Carbone; Bertolucci, Suzan Kelly Vilela; Pinto, José Eduardo Brasil Pereira
May-2023Colored shade nets and different harvest times alter the growth, antioxidant status, and quantitative attributes of glandular trichomes and essential oil of Thymus vulgaris L.Honorato, Alan da Cunha; Nohara, Gabriel A.; Assis, Rafael M. A. de; Maciel, João F. A.; Carvalho, Alexandre A. de; Pinto, José E. B. P.; Bertolucci, Suzan K. V.
Nov-2022Combining green manure and cattle manure to improve biomass, essential oil, and thymol production in Thymus vulgaris L.Honorato, Alan da Cunha; Maciel, João Francisco Amaral; Assis, Rafael Marlon Alves de; Nohara, Gabriel Akira; Carvalho, Alexandre Alves de; Pinto, José Eduardo Brasil Pereira; Bertolucci, Suzan Kelly Vilela
2020Influence of light spectra and elicitors on growth and ascaridole content using in vitro cultures of Dysphania ambrosioides L.Carvalho, Alexandre Alves de; Bertolucci, Suzan Kelly Vilela; Honorato, Alan da Cunha; Rocha, Tainá Teixeira; Silva, Sâmia Torres; Pinto, José Eduardo Brasil Pereira
5-Jul-2021Light quality and organic fertilization promote growth and alters oxidative stress and essential oil composition of Thymus vulgaris L.Honorato, Alan da Cunha
Sep-2021Macroelement omission in hydroponic systems changes plant growth and chemical composition of Melissa officinalis L. essential oilSilva, Thaís C.; Bertolucci, Suzan K. V.; Carvalho, Alexandre A.; Tostes, Wesley N.; Alvarenga, Ivan C. A.; Pacheco, Fernanda V.; Assis, Rafael M. A. de; Honorato, Alan da Cunha; Pinto, José E. B. P.