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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2014Characterization of a putative serk-like ortholog in embryogenic cell suspension cultures of Coffea arabica L.Silva, Anderson Tadeu; Barduche, Douglas; Livramento, Kalynka Gabriella do; Ligterink, Wilco; Paiva, Luciano Vilela
29-Jun-2022Gene expression analysis associated with tissue-specific promoters in Musa spp.Livramento, Kalynka Gabriella do; Freitas, Natália Chagas; Trindade, Luciene de Oliveira Ribeiro; Teixeira, Luiz Gustavo da Silva; Paiva, Luciano Vilela; Bordallo, Patrícia do Nascimento; Diniz, Leandro Eugenio Cardamone
Aug-2015Gene expression and morphological characterization of cell suspensions of Coffea arabica L. cv. Catiguá MG2 in different cultivation stagesTorres, Luana Ferreira; Diniz, Leandro Eugenio Cardamone; Livramento, Kalynka Gabriella do; Freire, Luciana Lima; Paiva, Luciano Vilela
May-2016Genotypic variation of agronomic traits as well as concentrations of Fe, Zn, P and phytate in soybean cultivarsOliveira, Nilma Portela; Faquin, Valdemar; Costa, Alisson Lucrécio da; Livramento, Kalynka Gabriella do; Pinho, Paulo Jorge de; Guilherme, Luiz Roberto Guimarães
2018Histological analyses reveal promising features in coffea arabica cell suspension cultureTorres, Luana Ferreira; Pádua, Marlúcia Souza; Livramento, Kalynka Gabriella do; Diniz, Leandro Eugenio Cardamone; Paiva, Luciano Vilela
2018Influence of 2,4-D growth regulator and foliar explant source on coffea arabica embryogenic calliLivramento, Kalynka Gabriella do; Torres, L. F.; Barbosa, F. V.; Andrade, J. de C. e; Livramento, D. E. do; Paiva, Luciano Vilela
Apr-2014Morphological characteristics and cell viability of coffee plants calliPádua, Marlúcia Souza; Paiva, Luciano Vilela; Silva, Luciano Coutinho da; Livramento, Kalynka Gabriella do; Alves, Eduardo; Castro, Ana Hortência Fonseca
May-2018Proteolysis in the subtropical woody tree Anadenanthera colubrina (Angico) seeds during and after germinationBarduche, Douglas; Livramento, Kalynka Gabriella do; Judice, Wagner A. S.; Paiva, Luciano Vilela; Juliano Neto, Luiz; Guimarães, Renato M.
2017Proteomic analysis of coffee grains exposed to different drying processLivramento, Kalynka Gabriella do; Borém, Flávio Meira; José, Anderson Cleiton; Santos, Agenor Valadares; Livramento, Darlan Einstein do; Alves, José Donizeti; Paiva, Luciano Vilela
2014Proteômica comparativa da interação genótipo, ambiente e processamento de grãos de café arábicaLivramento, Kalynka Gabriella do
2-Aug-2014Proteômica diferencial de café arábica submetido a diferentes processamentos e secagemLivramento, Kalynka Gabriella do
Feb-2015A putative Baby Boom-like gene (CaBBM) is expressed in embryogenic calli and embryogenic cell suspension culture of Coffea arabica L.Silva, Anderson Tadeu; Barduche, Douglas; Livramento, Kalynka Gabriella do; Paiva, Luciano Vilela
Nov-2020Validation of reference genes for RT-qPCR in cardiac tissue of rats induced to obesity and diabetesOliveira, Marina Martins de; Livramento, Kalynka Gabriella do; Magalhães, Maísa Lamounier; Paiva, Luciano Vilela; Peconick, Ana Paula