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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2016Biodegradable polymer blends based on corn starch and thermoplastic chitosan processed by extrusionMendes, J. F.; Paschoalin, R. T.; Carmona, V. B.; Sena Neto, Alfredo Rodrigues de; Marques, A. C. P.; Marconcini, J. M.; Mattoso, L. H. C.; Medeiros, E. S.; Oliveira, J. E.
2020Characterization of pectin films integrated with cocoa butter by continuous casting: physical, thermal and barrier propertiesMendes, J. F.; Norcino, L. B.; Manrich, A.; Pinheiro, A. C. M.; Oliveira, J. E.
Jul-2018Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of Eugenia brejoensis essential oil nanoemulsions against Pseudomonas fluorescensMendes, J. F.; Martins, H. H. A.; Otoni, C. G.; Santana, N. A.; Silva, R. C. S.; Silva, A. G. da; Silva, M. V.; Correia, M. T. S.; Machado, G.; Pinheiro, A. C. M.; Piccoli, R. H.; Oliveira, J. E.
Mar-2020Correlating emulsion characteristics with the properties of active starch films loaded with lemongrass essential oilMendes, J. F.; Norcino, L. B.; Martins, H. H. A.; Manrich, A.; Otoni, C. G.; Carvalho, E. E. N.; Piccoli, R. H.; Oliveira, J. E.; Pinheiro, A. C. M.; Mattoso, L. H. C.
Apr-2019Development and physical-chemical properties of pectin film reinforced with spent coffee grounds by continuous castingMendes, J. F.; Martins, J. T.; Manrich, A.; Sena Neto, A. R.; Pinheiro, A. C. M.; Mattoso, L. H. C.; Martins, M. A.
Sep-2020Pectin films loaded with copaiba oil nanoemulsions for potential use as bio-based active packagingNorcino, L. B.; Mendes, J. F.; Natarelli, C. V. L.; Manrich, A.; Oliveira, J. E.; Mattoso, L. H. C.
May-2020Potential for the use of coconut husk in the production of medium density particleboardNarciso, C. R. P.; Reis, A. H. S.; Mendes, J. F.; Nogueira, N. D.; Mendes, R. F.