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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2017Effect of symbiotic interaction between a fructooligosaccharide and probiotic on the kinetic fermentation and chemical profile of maize blended rice beveragesFreire, Ana Luiza; Ramos, Cintia Lacerda; Schwan, Rosane Freitas
2017Identification of the potential inhibitors of malolactic fermentation in winesMota, Renata Vieira da; Ramos, Cintia Lacerda; Peregrino, Isabela; Hassimotto, Neuza Mariko Aymoto; Purgatto, Eduardo; Souza, Claudia Rita de; Dias, Disney Ribeiro; Regina, Murillo de Albuquerque
Mar-2016Investigation of chocolate produced from four different Brazilian varieties of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) inoculated with Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMenezes, Aline Galvão Tavares; Batista, Nadia Nara; Ramos, Cintia Lacerda; Silva, Adriana Reis de Andrade e; Efraim, Priscila; Pinheiro, Ana Carla Marques; Schwan, Rosane Freitas
Oct-2015Microbiological and chemical parameters during cassava based-substrate fermentation using potential starter cultures of lactic acid bacteria and yeastFreire, Ana Luiza; Ramos, Cintia Lacerda; Schwan, Rosane Freitas
2-May-2017Nondairy beverage produced by controlled fermentation with potential probiotic starter cultures of lactic acid bacteria and yeastFreire, Ana Luiza; Ramos, Cintia Lacerda; Souza, Patrícia Nirlane da Costa; Cardoso, Mauro Guilherme Barros; Schwan, Rosane Freitas
Dec-2016Selection of autochthonous lactic acid bacteria from goat dairies and their addition to evaluate the inhibition of Salmonella typhi in artisanal cheeseFerrari, Iris da Silva; Souza, Jane Viana de; Ramos, Cintia Lacerda; Costa, Mateus Matiuzzida; Schwan, Rosane Freitas; Dias, Francesca Silva
Feb-2014Study of the physicochemical parameters and spontaneous fermentation during the traditional production of yakupa, an indigenous beverage produced by Brazilian AmerindiansFreire, Ana Luiza; Ramos, Cintia Lacerda; Almeida, Euziclei Gonzaga de; Duarte, Whasley Ferreira; Schwan, Rosane Freitas
2010Use of specific PCR primers to identify three important industrial species of Saccharomyces genus: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Saccharomyces bayanus and Saccharomyces pastorianusPereira, Gilberto Vinícius de Melo; Ramos, Cintia Lacerda; Galvão, C.; Dias, Eustaquio Souza; Schwan, Rosane Freitas
Mar-2020Yeasts isolated from Brazilian fermented foods in the protection against infection by pathogenic food bacteriaMenezes, Aline Galvão Tavares; Melo, Dirceu de Sousa; Ramos, Cintia Lacerda; Moreira, Silvino Intra; Alves, Eduardo; Schwan, Rosane Freitas