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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2014Activity of glutamate dehydrogenase and protein content in the breast of broilers fed diets containing different sources and levels of glycerineBernardino, V. M. P.; Rodrigues, P. B.; Naves, L. de Paula; Zangeronimo, M. G.; Alvarenga, R. R.; Rosa, P. V.; Santos, L. M.; Teixeira, L. V.
Feb-2021Coping with suboptimal water temperature: modifications in blood parameters, body composition, and postingestive-driven diet selection in Nile tilapia fed two vegetable oil blendsAlmeida, C. A. L. de; Almeida, C. K. L. de; Martins, E. de Fátima Ferreira; Bessonart, M.; Pereira, R. T.; Paulino, R. R.; Rosa, P. V.; Fortes-Silva, R.
Aug-2017Dietary oils influence ovary and carcass composition and embryonic development of zebrafishAraújo, F. G.; Costa, D. V.; Machado, M. R. F.; Paulino, R. R.; Okamura, D.; Rosa, P. V.
Feb-2012Dietary self-selection of protein-unbalanced diets supplemented with three essential amino acids in Nile tilapiaFortes-Silva, R.; Rosa, P. V.; Zamora, S.; Sánchez-Vázquez, F. J.
Dec-2017Docosahexaenoic acid (C22:6n‐3) alters cortisol response after air exposure in Prochilodus lineatus (Valenciennes) larvae fed on enriched ArtemiaAraújo, F. G.; Rosa, P. V.
Dec-2010Effect of cryopreservant combinations on the motility and morphology of curimba (Prochilodus lineatus) spermFelizardo, V. O.; Mello, R. A.; Murgas, L. D. S.; Andrade, E. S.; Drummond, M. M.; Rosa, P. V.
20-Apr-2017Glutamine and arginine in diets for Nile tilapia: effects on growth, innate immune responses, plasma amino acid profiles and whole-body compositionPereira, R. T.; Rosa, P. V.; Gatlin, D. M.
Dec-2013Influência do tempo de transporte para juvenis de pacamãLuz, R. K.; Costa, L. S.; Ribeiro, P. A. P.; Silva, R. F.; Rosa, P. V.
Apr-2015Relative distribution of gastrin-, CCK-8-, NPY- and CGRP-immunoreactive cells in the digestive tract of dorado (Salminus brasiliensis)Pereira, R. T.; Costa, L. S.; Oliveira, I. R. C.; Araújo, J. C.; Aerts, M.; Vigliano, F. A.; Rosa, P. V.
Feb-2021Supplemental L-arginine improves feed conversion and modulates lipid metabolism in male and female broilers from 29 to 42 days of ageFilho, S. T. S.; Lima, E. M. da C.; Oliveira, D. H. de; Abreu, M. L. T. de; Rosa, P. V.; Laurentiz, A. C. de; Naves, L. de P.; Rodrigues, P. B.