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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016Autoregressive spatial analysis and individual tree modeling as strategies for the management of Eremanthus erythropappusScolforo, Henrique Ferraço; Scolforo, José Roberto Soares; Mello, José Marcio de; Ferraz Filho, Antônio Carlos; Rossoni, Diogo Francisco; Altoé, Thiza Falqueto; Oliveira, Antônio Donizette; Lima, Renato Ribeiro de
Sep-2023Competition in forest plantations: empirical and process-based modelling in pine and eucalypt plantationsBarbosa, Lorena Oliveira; Santos, Juscelina Arcanjo dos; Gonçalves, Anny Francielly Ataide; Campoe, Otávio Camargo; Scolforo, José Roberto Soares; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço
Nov-2020Early volume formulas, taper, implicit volume ratio, and auxiliary information: A new system of volume equations invariant to silvicultural practices, site, and genetic pedigreeMcTague, John Paul; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço; Scolforo, José Roberto Soares
Jan-2015Estimating precision of systematic sampling in forest inventoriesMello, José Marcio de; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço; Raimundo, Marcel Régis; Scolforo, José Roberto Soares; Oliveira, Antônio Donizette de; Ferraz Filho, Antônio Carlos
2018Height-diameter models for Eucalyptus sp. plantations in BrazilFerraz Filho, Antônio Carlos; Mola-Yudego, Blas; Ribeiro, Andressa; Scolforo, José Roberto Soares; Loos, Rodolfo Araújo; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço
28-Oct-2022Hybrid method for fitting nonlinear height? Diameter functionsMonti, Cassio Augusto Ussi; Oliveira, Rafael Menali; Roise, Joseph Peter; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço; Gomide, Lucas Rezende
Nov-2015Hypsometric approaches to Eucalyptus experiments in BrazilScolforo, Henrique Ferraço; Raimundo, Marcel Regis; Scolforo, José Roberto Soares; Mello, José Marcio; Batista, Anderson Pedro Bernardina; Bullock, Bronson
Jun-2022Impact of the inclusion of the sociological position and upper-stem diameter in the taper modeling of Pinus taeda trees, subjected to different thinning regimesOliveira, Ximena Mendes de; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço; McTague, John Paul; Dobner Junior, Mário; Scolforo, José Roberto Soares
1-Oct-2020Influence of climatic variations on production, biomass and density of wood in eucalyptus clones of different speciesRocha, Sofia Maria Gonçalves; Vidaurre, Graziela Baptista; Pezzopane, José Eduardo Macedo; Almeida, Maria Naruna Félix; Carneiro, Rafaela Lorenzato; Campoe, Otávio Camargo; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço; Alvares, Clayton Alcarde; Neves, Júlio César Lima; Xavier, Alexandre Candido; Figura, Marco Aurélio
2014Interpoladores espaciais na estimativa da distribuição do estoque de carbono da vegetação arbórea em Minas Gerais, BrasilScolforo, Henrique Ferraço
2015Modelagem espacial na análise de um plantio experimental de candeiaNogueira, Cristina Henriques; Oliveira, Marcelo Silva de; Raimundo, Marcel Régis; Mello, José Márcio de; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço; Gomide, Lucas Rezende
1-Sep-2022A new paradigm for Continuous Forest Inventory in industrial plantationsMcTague, John Paul; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço; Scolforo, José Roberto S.
Sep-2019Rainfall partitioning measurement and rainfall interception modelling in a tropical semi-deciduous Atlantic forest remnantJunqueira Júnior, José Alves; Mello, Carlos Rogério de; Mello, José Márcio de; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço; Beskow, Samuel; McCarter, James
Aug-2016Species richness and diversity in shrub savanna using ordinary krigingBatista, Anderson Pedro Bernardina; Mello, José Márcio de; Raimundo, Marcel Régis; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço; Reis, Aliny Aparecida dos; Scolforo, José Roberto Soares
May-2020What factors should be accounted for when developing a generalized taper function for black wattle trees?Sanquetta, Mateus Niroh Inoue; McTague, John Paul; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço; Behling, Alexandre; Sanquetta, Carlos Roberto; Schmidt, Luciane Naimeke