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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2018Comparative microsporogenesis between diploid and tetraploid plants of Brachiaria ruziziensis and their progeniesMorais, L. C.; Sobrinho, F. Souza; Techio, V. H.
Aug-2013Distribution pattern of histone H3 phosphorylation at serine 10 during mitosis and meiosis in Brachiaria speciesPaula, C. M. P.; Techio, V. H.; Souza Sobrinho, F.; Freitas, A. S.
23-Jan-2017Dynamics of 45S rDNA sites in the cell cycle: fragile sites and chromosomal stability in Lolium and FestucaRocha, L. C.; Silva, G. A.; Bustamante, F. O.; Silveira, R. A. D.; Mittlemann, A.; Techio, V. H.
Sep-2019Effects of three antimitotic agents on karyotype of Allium cepa L. and Lactuca sativa L.: two plant model species for cytogenotoxic assessmentsLima, M. G. F.; Silveira, G. L.; Techio, V. H.; Andrade-Vieira, L. F.
1-Mar-2011Genotoxicity of swine effluentsTechio, V. H.; Stolberg, J.; Kunz, A.; Zanin, E.; Perdomo, C. C.
23-May-2016Implications of mitotic and meiotic irregularities in common beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.)Lima, D. C.; Braz, G. T.; Reis, G. B. dos; Techio, V. H.; Davide, L. C.; Abreu, A. de F. B.
2-Dec-2016Karyotype asymetry in Cynodon Rich. (Poaceae) accessionsChiavegatto, R. B.; Paula, C. M. P.; Souza Sobrinho, F.; Benites, F. R. G.; Techio, V. H.
2014Leaf anatomy and nutritive values of Brachiaria ruziziensis genotypesSantos, F. C.; Freitas, Aline Silva; Castro, Evaristo Mauro de; Davide, Lisete Chamma; Souza Sobrinho, F.; Techio, V. H.
19-Sep-2016Microsporogenesis analysis validates the use of artificially tetraploidized Brachiaria ruziziensis in breeding programsPaula, C. M. P.; Figueiredo, K. G.; Souza Sobrinho, F.; Benites, F. R.G.; Davide, L. C.; Techio, V. H.
Sep-2018Microsporogenesis, viability and morphology of pollen grain in accessions of Cynodon L. C. Rich. (Poaceae)Silva, D. M.; Santos, Y. D.; Benites, F. R.G.; Techio, V. H.