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Oct-2016Chronic fish oil supplementation partially reverses renal alterations in mice fed with a high-fat dietCoelho, Isabela; Pequito, Danielle C. T.; Borghetti, Gina; Aikawa, Júlia; Yamaguchi, Adriana A.; Brito, Gleisson A. P. de; Yamazaki, Ricardo K.; Scorsato, Anderson P.; Fernandes, Luiz Claudio; Coimbra, Terezila Machado; Fernandez, Ricardo
2016Does oil rich in alpha-linolenic fatty acid cause the same immune modulation as fish oil in walker 256 tumor-bearing rats?Schiessel, Dalton Luiz; Yamazaki, Ricardo K.; Kryczyk, Marcelo; Castro, Isabela Coelho de; Yamaguchi, Adriana A.; Pequito, Danielle C. T.; Brito, Gleisson A. P.; Borghetti, Gina; Aikawa, Júlia; Nunes, Everson A.; Naliwaiko, Kátia; Fernandes, Luiz C.
2011Low fish oil intake improves insulin sensitivity, lipid profile and muscle metabolism on insulin resistant MSG-obese ratsYamazaki, Ricardo K.; Brito, Gleisson A. P.; Coelho, Isabela; Pequitto, Danielle C. T.; Yamaguchi, Adriana A.; Borghetti, Gina; Schiessel, Dalton Luiz; Kryczyk, Marcelo; Machado, Juliano; Rocha, Ricelli E. R.; Aikawa, Julia; Iagher, Fabiola; Naliwaiko, Katya; Tanhoffer, Ricardo A.; Nunes, Everson A.; Fernandes, Luiz Claudio
2015α-Linolenic fatty acid supplementation decreases tumor growth and cachexia parameters in walker 256 tumor-bearing ratsSchiessel, Dalton Luiz; Yamazaki, Ricardo K.; Kryczyk, Marcelo; Coelho, Isabela; Yamaguchi, Adriana A.; Pequito, Daniele C. T.; Brito, Gleisson A. P.; Borghetti, Gina; Fernandes, Luiz C.