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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2013Bioactive compounds, antioxidant activity and mineral composition of fruits of raspberry cultivars grown in subtropical areas in BrazilMaro, Luana Aparecida Castilho; Pio, Rafael; Guedes, Mayara Neves Santos; Abreu, Celeste Maria Patto de; Curi, Paula Nogueira
Jan-2014Evaluation of the protective effect of guava fruits and leaves on oxidative stressFreire, Juliana Mesquita; Abreu, Celeste Maria Patto de; Duarte, Stella Maris da Silveira; Paula, Fernanda Borges Araújo de; Lima, Adriene Ribeiro
2009Bean plant production of dry matter and grain related to soil citric acid–extractable copper, zinc, cadmium, and leadCarvalho, Alexandre V. S.; Carvalho, Ruy; Abreu, Celeste M. P.; Furtini Neto, Antônio E.; Freitas, Matheus P.
20-Aug-2015Antioxidants from medicinal plants used in the treatment of obesitySimão, Anderson Assaid; Lage, Fabíola Fonseca; Chagas, Pricila M. B.; Fraguas, Rodrigo M.; Freire, Juliana M.; Marques, Tamara R.; Corrêa, Angelita Duarte
Dec-2012Inhibition of digestive enzymes by medicinal plant aqueous extracts used to aid the treatment of obesitySimão, Anderson Assaid; Corrêa, Angelita Duarte; Chagas, Pricila Maria Batista
Sep-2014Chemical composition of medicinal plants used as auxiliary treatments for obesitySimao, Anderson Assaid; Correa, Angelita Duarte; Lage, Fabiola Fonseca; Freire, Juliana Mesquita; Silva, Jovane Santa; Fraguas, Rodrigo Martins; Braga, Mariana Aparecida; Queiroz, Estela de Rezende; Oliveira, Flavia Cintia de
14-Jun-2016Macauba palm (acrocomia aculeata) cake from biodiesel processing: an efficient and low cost substrate for the adsorption of dyesVieira, Sara S.; Magriotis, Zuy M.; Santos, Nadiene A.V.; Cardoso, Maria das Graças; Saczk, Adelir A.
17-Jun-2016Removal of methylene blue by orange and uvaia seedsBotrel, Bianca Mesquita Coelho; Magriotis, Zuy Maria; Saczk, Adelir Aparecida; Coelho, Sabrina Mesquita; Sales, Priscila Ferreira de
Oct-2011Box–Behnken design for studying inclusion complexes of triglycerides and α-cyclodextrin: application to the heating protocol in molecular-dynamics simulationsAlmeida, Eduardo Walneide C.; Anconi, Cleber P. A.; Novato, Willian Tássio G.; Oliveira, Marcone A. L. de; Almeida, Wagner B. de; Santos, Hélio F. dos
17-Apr-2015Inclusion process of tetracycline in β and γ-cyclodextrins: a theoretical investigationCosta, Mércia A. S.; Anconi, Cleber P. A.; Santos, Hélio F. dos; Almeida, Wagner B. de; Nascimento Junior, Clebio S.