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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2011Removal of organic dyes using Cr-containing activated carbon prepared from leather wasteOliveira, Luiz C. A.; Coura, Camila Van Zanten; Guimarães, Iara R.; Gonçalves, Maraisa
Jan-2013Highly reactive magnetite covered with islands of carbon: oxidation of N and S-containing compounds in a biphasic systemGuimarães, Iara R.; Giroto, Amanda S.; Souza, Wladmir F. de; Guerreiro, Mário C.
2014Red mud waste from the bayer process as a catalyst for the desulfurization of hydrocarbon fuelsResende, Eliane Cristina de; Carvalho, Iara do Rosário Guimarães; Schlaf, Marcel; Guerreiro, Mário César
11-Dec-2019Desenvolvimento e caracterização de um curativo biopolimérico contendo produtos naturaisCesar, Pedro Henrique Souza
Sep-2012Synthesis and characterization of iron/niobium composites: catalyst for dye wastewater treatmentsRezende, Carlos C.; Leal Neto, Jonas; Silva, Adilson C.; Lima, Verônica M.; Pereira, Márcio C.; Oliveira, Luiz C. A.
Jun-2009Preparation of activated carbons from coffee husks utilizing FeCl3 and ZnCl2 as activating agentsOliveira, Luiz C. A.; Pereira, Elaine; Guimaraes, Iara R.; Vallone, Andrea; Pereira, Márcio; Mesquita, João P.; Sapag, Karim
Sep-2009Synthesis and thermal treatment of cu-doped goethite: oxidation of quinoline through heterogeneous fenton processGuimarães, Iara R.; Giroto, Amanda; Oliveira, Luiz C. A.; Guerreiro, Mario C.; Lima, Diana Q.; Fabris, José D.
Jun-2009Catalytic oxidation of sulfur and nitrogen compounds from diesel fuelSouza, Wladmir; Guimarães, Iara R.; Guerreiro, Mário César; Oliveira, Luiz C. A.
Jun-2010Effect of Ni incorporation into goethite in the catalytic activity for the oxidation of nitrogen compounds in petroleumSouza, Wladmir F. de; Guimarães, Iara R.; Oliveira, Luiz C. A.; Giroto, Amanda S.; Guerreiro, Mário C.; Silva, Carmen L. T.
2009Brazilian limonite for the oxidation of quinoline: high activity after a simple magnetic separationSouza, Wladmir F.; Guimarães, Iara R.; Lima, Diana Q.; Silva, Carmen L. T.; Oliveira, Luiz C. A.