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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010New approaches to the development of anti-protozoan drug candidates: a review of patentsCunha, Elaine F. F. da; Ramalho, Teodorico C.; Mancini, Daiana T.; Fonseca, Emanuella M. B.; Oliveira, Aline A.
Jul-2012Toxoplasmose: perspectivas no estudo de novos alvos terapêuticosMancini, D. T.; Assis, Letícia Cristina; Ramalho, Teodorico C.; Cunha, Elaine F. F. da; França, Tanos C. C.
Oct-2011Molecular aspects of the reactivation process of acetylcholinesterase inhibited by cyclosarinMatos, Karina S.; Mancini, Daiana T.; Cunha, Elaine F. F. da; Kuča, Kamil; França, Tanos C. C.; Ramalho, Teodorico C.
2014Use of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid as a scavenger for chromium from “wet blue” leather waste: thermodynamic and kinetics parametersResende, José E.; Gonçalves, Mateus A.; Oliveira, Luiz C. A.; Cunha, Elaine F. F. da; Ramalho, Teodorico C.
2013Molecular modeling studies of piperidine derivatives as new acetylcholinesterase inhibitors against neurodegenerative diseasesCunha, Elaine F. F. da; Resende, José E.; França, Tanos C. C.; Gonçalves, Mateus Aquino; Souza, Felipe R. de; Santos-Garcia, Letícia; Ramalho, Teodorico C.
2014In silico study of leishmania donovani α-β tubulin and inhibitorsAssis, Tamiris M.; Mancini, Daiana T.; Ramalho, Teodorico C.; Cunha, Elaine F. F. da
2017Exploring EPR parameters of 99Tc complexes for designing new MRI probes: coordination environment, solvent, and thermal effects on the spectroscopic propertiesPereira, Bruna T. L.; Silva, Érika Ferreira; Gonçalves, Mateus A.; Mancini, Daiana T.; Ramalho, Teodorico C.
2016Synthesis, structural characterization, and thermal properties of the poly(methylmethacrylate)/δ-FeOOH hybrid material: an experimental and theoretical studyCorrêa, Silviana; Lacerda, Lívia C. T.; Pires, Maíra dos S.; Rocha, Marcus V. J.; Nogueira, Francisco G. E.; Silva, Adilson C. da; Pereira, Marcio C.; Brito, Angela D. B. de; Cunha, Elaine F. F. da; Ramalho, Teodorico C.
Jul-2018Design of Novel N-Myristoyltransferase Inhibitors of Leishmania donovani Using Four-Dimensional Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship AnalysisSantos-Garcia, Letícia; Silva, Daniela R.; Assis, Letícia C.; Assis, Tamiris M. de; Gajo, Giovanna C.; Fernandes, Ítalo Antônio; Ramalho, Teodorico C.; Cunha, Elaine F. F. da
2018Theoretical studies applied to the evaluation of the DFPase bioremediation potential against chemical warfare agents intoxicationSoares, Flávia V.; Castro, Alexandre A. de; Pereira, Ander F.; Leal, Daniel H. S.; Mancini, Daiana T.; Krejcar, Ondrej; Ramalho, Teodorico C.; Cunha, Elaine F. F. da; Kuca, Kamil