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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2016Inclusion of Yucca schidigera extract and zeolite in the diet and its relationship to the apparent digestibility of nutrients and urinary pH in adult dogsSantos, João Paulo Fernandes; Saad, Flavia Maria de Oliveira Borges; Ogoshi, Rosana Claudio Silva; Reis, Jéssica Santana dos; Ferreira, Livia Geraldi; Pires, Carolina Padovani; França, Janine; Ebina, Fernanda Sayuri; Aquino, Adriana Augusto; Brunetto, Márcio Antonio
2016Vulvar width and rima length as predictors of the ovarian follicular reserve in bovine femalesMesquita, Nelson Fijamo; Maculan, Renata; Maciel, Luciana França Smith; Alves, Nathalia; Carvalho, Rafaela Rodrigues de; Moreira, Gabriel Miranda; Souza, José Camisão de
2016Body development of weaned foals of Mangalarga Marchador breed fed probiotics or phytase supplemented dietsMoura, R. Silva; Rezende, A. Souza Carneiro de; Nicoli, J. R.; Melo, M. Martins; Lana, Â. M. Quintão; Souza, Camisão de
Mar-2016Resumption of cyclic ovarian activity in postpartum ewes: a reviewAscari, Ivan Júnior; Alves, Nadja Gomes; Alves, Ana Carolina; Garcia, Iraídes Ferreira Furusho; Junqueira, Felipe Barbosa
2016Performance and serum cortisol concentration in Santa Inês lambs under different suckling schemesAlves, Ana Carolina; Alves, Nadja Gomes; Ascari, Ivan Júnior; Junqueira, Felipe Barbosa; Maciel, Luciana França Smith; Garcia, Iraides Ferreira Furusho; Lima, Renato Ribeiro
2016Ractopamine with dietary lysine concentrations above basal requirements of finishing barrows improves growth performance, carcass traits and modifies the mTor signalling pathwayFerreira, M. S. S.; Araújo, T. S.; Alves, A. C.; Porto, L. C. J.; Schinckel, A. P.; Rambo, Z. J.; Cantarelli, V. S.; Zangeronimo, M. G.; Sousa, R. V.
20-Dec-2016Growing goats of different sexes have distinct metabolic responses to continuous feed restrictionSilva, Nhayandra C. D.; Härter, Carla J.; Figueiredo, Fernanda O. M.; Leite, Rafael F.; Santos Neto, José M.; Negrão, João A.; Teixeira, Izabelle A. M. A.; Resende, Kléber T.
Mar-2016Daily rhythms of the expression of genes from the somatotropic axis: the influence on tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) of feeding and growth hormone administration at different timesCosta, Leandro S.; Rosa, Priscila V.; Fortes-Silva, Rodrigo; Sánchez-Vázquez, F. Javier; López-Olmeda, Jose F.
Dec-2016Effects of corn treated with foliar fungicide on in situ corn silage degradability in Holstein cowsHaerr, K. J.; Pineda, A.; Lopes, N. M.; Weems, J. D.; Bradley, C. A.; Pereira, M. N.; Murphy, M. R.; Fellows, G. M.; Cardoso, F. C.
Mar-2016Technical note: Relationship between infrared thermography and heat production in young bullsGomes, R. A.; Busato, K. C.; Ladeira, M. M.; Johnson, K. A.; Galvão, M. C.; Rodrigues, A. C.; Lourençoni, D.; Chizzotti, M. L.