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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2017Fermentation profile and identification of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts of rehydrated corn kernel silageCarvalho, B. F.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Bernardes, T. F.; Pereira, M. N.; Santos, C.; Schwan, R. F.
1-Oct-2017Effect of the inoculation of sugarcane silage with Lactobacillus hilgardii and Lactobacillus buchneri on feeding behavior and milk yield of dairy cowsSantos, W. P.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Pereira, M. N.; Schwan, R. F.; Lopes, N. M.; Pinto, J. C.
May-2016Occurrence of mycotoxins and yeasts and moulds identification in corn silages in tropical climateCarvalho, B. F.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Krempser, P. M.; Batista, L. R.; Pereira, M. N.; Schwan, R. F.
Jun-2017Methylotrophic yeast, lactic acid bacteria and glycerine as additives for sugarcane silageCarvalho, B. F.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Pereira, M. N.; Schwan, R. F.
Dec-2012Effects of propionic acid and Lactobacillus buchneri (UFLA SIL 72) addition on fermentative and microbiological characteristics of sugar cane silage treated with and without calcium oxideCarvalho, B. F.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Pinto, J. C.; Pereira, M. N.; Schwan, R. F.
Oct-2018Short communication: Effect of washing method, grinding size, and the determination of an indigestible fraction on in situ degradation of starch in mature corn grainFernandes, T.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Pereira, M. N.; Ferraretto, L. F.
Dec-2016Effects of corn treated with foliar fungicide on in situ corn silage degradability in Holstein cowsHaerr, K. J.; Pineda, A.; Lopes, N. M.; Weems, J. D.; Bradley, C. A.; Pereira, M. N.; Murphy, M. R.; Fellows, G. M.; Cardoso, F. C.
Jun-2017Lactation performance and diet digestibility of dairy cows in response to the supplementation of Bacillus subtilis sporesSouza, V. L.; Lopes, N. M.; Zacaroni, O. F.; Silveira, V. A.; Pereira, R. A. N.; Freitas, J. A.; Almeida, R.; Salvati, G. G. S.; Pereira, M. N.
Apr-2016Relationship between processing score and kernel-fraction particle size in whole-plant corn silageDias Junior, G. S.; Ferraretto, L. F.; Salvati, G. G. S.; Resende, L. C. de; Hoffman, P. C.; Pereira, M. N.; Shaver, R. D.