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Title: Proposta de implantação de um centro de cerâmica em Salinas, Minas Gerais
Other Titles: Proposed establishment of a center of ceramics in Salinas, Minas Gerais
Keywords: Cerâmica - Indústria
Incubadoras de empresas
Ceramic industries
Cooperative societies
Business incubators
Issue Date: Jan-2012
Publisher: Faculdade Integrado de Campo Mourão
Citation: JOAQUIM, N. de F. et al. Proposta de implantação de um centro de cerâmica em Salinas, Minas Gerais. Perspectivas Contemporâneas, Campo Mourão, v. 7, n. 1, p. 163-181, jan./jun. 2012.
Abstract: In order to minimize the socio-economic impacts experienced by the poor people of the city of Salinas, located in the state of Minas Gerais, it comes the process of business incubation as an alternative to the artisans to maximize the use of human, financial and material sources. Thus, denotes that, through the creation of an association of craftsmen can construct an alternative source of employment and income, and a response in favor of social inclusion. This work was developed during 2008 and aimed to identify the potential to be an association in the city of Salinas, so that it could deploy ceramic center in this city. We started from the assumption that an exchange of knowledge between the associations of artisans Mesoregion São João Del Rei, Minas Gerais, could contribute to the enrichment of the artisans of Salinas. From this identification and classification were proposed new alternatives for self-management, solidarity economy and cooperation so that the artisans of Salinas also can be assisted by the Technological Incubator of Popular Cooperatives, Federal University of São João Del Rei. The work was guided by assumptions of action research, which is designed and built along with an action or the resolution of a collective problem in which researchers and participants in the situation or problem are involved in cooperative mode. This work focuses on demonstrating how the identification and, consequently, exchange of information and knowledge can contribute in a satisfactory way for the development of competitive associations in areas not so close.
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