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Título : Do you not know our brand? The perceptions of consumers of decorative candles
Autor: Rodrigues, Tonny Kerley de Alencar
Vilas Boas, Ana Alice
Silva, Jaime Alves da
Carvalho, Keully Yasmim Moreira de
Palavras-chave: Branding (Marketing)
Marketing de relacionamento
Consumidores - Preferência
Marca registrada
Velas decorativas
Relationship marketing
Consumers' preferences
Decorative candles
Publicador: American Research Institute for Policy Development
Data da publicação: Dez-2014
Referência: RODRIGUES, T. K. de A. Do you not know our brand? The perceptions of consumers of decorative candles. Journal of Marketing Management, Madison, v. 2, n. 3-4, p. 61-72, Dec. 2014.
Abstract: An analysis of the Brazilian market of decorative candles which demonstrated a high consumption in recent years was performed. Thus, it becomes important to develop targeted to understand consumer behavior in relation to these products brand studies. The aim of this study is to identify factors related to the low penetration of the company brand Decora Candles in the state of Piauí, Brazil. For this, a quantitative and qualitative approach was used. A quantitative approach was restricted to a question that sought to measure the satisfaction level of the customers of the company. So overwhelmingly reported a qualitative approach using the technique of case studies. The data collection instrument used was a semi-structured script interviews containing 7 subjective questions was applied along the 30 consumers of the company between the months of March and April 2014 was found that the company needs to improve its image before the market so that it is seen and perceived by the market generating direct association with the product brand. Was realized through this study the increased power that the brand has within the administration today.
Idioma: en
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