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Título : Effect of probiotic administration on the immune response: a systematic review of experimental models in rats
Autor: Silva, Viviam de Oliveira
Foureaux, Renata de Carvalho
Araujo, Thiago Santos
Peconick, Ana Paula
Zangeronimo, Marcio Gilberto
Pereira, Luciano José
Palavras-chave: Immunity
Dietary supplements
Publicador: Instituto de Tecnologia do Parana, Nucleo de Informacao e Extensao Tecnologica
Data da publicação: 2012
Referência: SILVA, V. de O. et al. Effect of probiotic administration on the immune response: a systematic review of experimental models in rats. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology, Curitiba, v. 55, n. 5, p. 685-694, Sept./Oct. 2012.
Abstract: The probiotic influence on the immune system, especially under pathogenic challenge conditions, still remains controversial. To address this, a systematic review of current studies concerning the efficacy of probiotics on the immune response of rats subjected to experimental challenges was conducted. The survey was conducted using PubMed, ISI Web of Science and Scielo databases. Only studies which tested probiotics in vivo in rats were included. The experimental design, methodological quality, and results of the articles were analyzed. In total 21 articles were selected for this study. The most commonly used microorganisms in the experiments were those of the genus Lactobacillus, which was reported in 12 articles. The second most often used genus was Bifidobacterium (B. animalis and B.longum). In general, the probiotics use against experimental pathogenic challenges was successful: 86% of the selected articles reported a beneficial effect on the immune response associated with the use of probiotics.
Idioma: pt_BR
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