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Título : The implications of the morphophysiology of Cordia trichotoma seeds to their collection and propagation
Autor: Vaz, T. A. A.
Rodrigues-Junior, A. G.
Tonetti, O. A. O.
Davide, A. C.
José, A. C.
Palavras-chave: Cordia trichotoma
Seeds - Propagation
Seeds - Morphophysiology
Publicador: International Seed Testing Association
Data da publicação: Dez-2015
Referência: VAZ, T. A. A. et al. The implications of the morphophysiology of Cordia trichotoma seeds to their collection and propagation. Seed Science and Technology, Zurich, v. 43, n. 3, p. 390-398, Dec. 2015.
Abstract: Cordia trichotoma is a tropical tree species with great potential for agroforestry and tropical environment recovery, but information about seed features are quite divergent. This study aimed to verify the presence of physical dormancy in C. trichotoma seeds, to identify morphological indicators of seed quality and to characterise seed drying tolerance and storage behaviour. Seeds of C. trichotoma readily imbibe water and show high germination (maximum 87%), indicating an absence of dormancy. Thus, the low germination percentage attained when diaspores are sown is mainly due to seed mortality. Seed darkening and the presence of noticeable folds in the cotyledons indicate the acquisition of germinability and desiccation tolerance. Mature seeds of C. trichotoma tolerate drying to 8% water content and can be stored at 5°C for at least four years without viability loss. Therefore, C. trichotoma produces non-dormant and desiccation-tolerant seeds, and the major hurdle in germination is due to seed death.
Idioma: en_US
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