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Título : Alternative measures for biospeckle image analysis
Autor: Saúde, André Vital
Menezes, Fortunato Silva de
Freitas, Patrícia Lucélia dos Santos
Rabello, Giovanni Francisco
Braga, Roberto Alves
Palavras-chave: Computer algorithms
Image analysis
Fujii’s method
Generalized difference (GD)
Weighted generalized difference (WGD)
Algorítmos computacionais
Análise de imagem
Método Fujii
Publicador: Optical Society of America
Data da publicação: Ago-2012
Referência: SAÚDE, A. V. et al. Alternative measures for biospeckle image analysis. Journal of the Optical Society of America: [Section] A: Optics, Image Science and Vision, Washington, v. 29, n. 8, p. 1648-1658, Aug. 2012.
Abstract: Biospeckle is a technique whose purpose is to observe and study the underlying activity of some material. It has its roots in optical physics, and its first step is an image acquisition process that produces a video sequence of the reflection of a laser. The video content can be analyzed to have an interpretation of the activity of the observed material. The literature on this subject presents several different measures for analyzing the video sequence. Three of the most popular measures are the generalized difference (GD), the weighted generalized difference (WGD), and Fujii’s method. These measures have drawbacks such as high computation time or limited visual quality of the results. In this paper, we propose (i) an alternative O(n) algorithm for the computation of the GD, (ii) an alternative measure based on the GD, (iii) an alternative measure based on the WGD, and (iv) a generalized definition of the Fujii’s method with better visual quality. We discuss the similarities between the new measures and the existent ones, showing when they are applicable. We prove the gain in time computation. The proposed measures will help researchers to gain time during their research and to be able to develop faster tools based on biospeckle application
Idioma: en_US
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