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Título : Zinc tolerance modulation in Myracrodruon urundeuva plants
Autor: Gomes, M. P.
Duarte, D. M.
Carneiro, M. M. L. C.
Barreto, L. C.
Carvalho, M.
Soares, A. M.
Guilherme, L. R. G.
Garcia, Q. S.
Palavras-chave: Antioxidant
Trace element
Publicador: Elsevier
Data da publicação: Jun-2013
Referência: GOMES, M. P. et al. Zinc tolerance modulation in Myracrodruon urundeuva plants. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, New Delhi, v. 67, p. 1-6, June 2016.
Abstract: We investigated Zn tolerance and related tolerance mechanisms of Myracrodruon urundeuva by evaluating the growth (biomass production, pigment content, and photosynthetic activity) and antioxidant systems (redox potential and antioxidant enzyme activities) of seedlings exposed to increasing Zn doses. Plants were grown for 120 days in substrates with 0, 50, 80, 120 and 200 mg Zn kg−1 and demonstrated Zn-tolerance. Zn doses greater than 80 mg Zn kg−1 were phytotoxic but not lethal, and Zn toxicity under these conditions was imposed by oxidative stress caused by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) accumulation and related lipid peroxidation. Zn tolerance in M. urundeuva is linked to the activity of antioxidant systems in their leaves that are modulated by that metal: both superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT) were always higher in the presence of Zn; lower Zn doses stimulated ascorbate peroxidase (APX) and glutathione reductase (GR) activities, but enzyme activity was inhibited at high doses; APX appeared to be the main peroxidase in H2O2 scavenging as stimulated guaiacol peroxidase (GPX) activity was not sufficient to avoid H2O2 accumulation at higher Zn doses; the modulation of APX and GR activities was linked to changes in the redox status of leaves.
Idioma: en_US
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