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Title: Fowl typhoid (Salmonella Gallinarum) outbreak in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
???metadata.dc.creator???: Casagrande, Renata A.
Wouters, Angelica Terezinha Barth
Wouters, Flademir
Pissetti, Caroline
Cardoso, Marisa R. de Itapema
Driemeier, David
Keywords: Salmonellosis
Bacterial disease
Sudden death
Publisher: American Association of Avian Pathologists
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Citation: CASAGRANDE, R. A. et al. Fowl typhoid (Salmonella Gallinarum) outbreak in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica). Avian Diseases, Kennet Square, v. 58, n. 3, p. 491-494, Sept. 2014.
Abstract: A fowl typhoid (FT) outbreak is reported in a flock of 400 Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) at 91 days of age. Of these, 222 died suddenly, and necropsy revealed swollen liver and spleen with off-white to yellowish granules and reddish small intestine mucosa. Histopathology showed severe multifocal necrosis of liver and spleen (5/5), pulmonary congestion with macrophage infiltration in air capillaries (5/5), discrete interstitial nephritis (2/2), superficial necrosis of the intestinal mucosa with large numbers of coccobacilli (2/2), moderate peritonitis (2/2), and discrete airsacculitis (1/1). Anti-Salmonella immunohistochemistry (IHC) stained the cytoplasm of macrophages or free in the liver (5/5), spleen (5/5), lungs (4/5), kidneys (2/2) small intestine mucosa (2/2), cecum (1/1), bone marrow (1/1), air sacs (1/1), and ovary (1/1). In the heart (5/5), brain (2/2), esophagus (2/2), pancreas (2/2), proventriculus (2/2), gizzard (1/1), bursa of Fabricius (1/1), oviduct (1/1), and skeletal muscle (1/1) staining was observed only in the lumen of blood vessels. Salmonella Gallinarum was isolated in pure cultures of liver, spleen, lung, intestine, and blood samples of two birds.
URI: http://www.aaapjournals.info/doi/abs/10.1637/10796-021114-Case.1?code=aaap-site
???metadata.dc.language???: en_US
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