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Título : Effects of in ovo injection of organic trace minerals and post-hatch holding time on broiler performance and bone characteristics
Autor: Oliveira, T. F. B.
Bertechini, A. G.
Bricka, R. M.
Hester, P. Y.
Kim, E. J.
Gerard, P. D.
Peebles, E. D.
Palavras-chave: Bone quality
In ovo supplementation
Frango - Desempenho
Frango - Características ósseas
Publicador: Poultry Science Association
Data da publicação: 23-Out-2015
Referência: OLIVEIRA, T. F. B. et al. Effects of in ovo injection of organic trace minerals and post-hatch holding time on broiler performance and bone characteristics. Poultry Science, Champaign, v. 94, n. 11, 23 Oct. 2015.
Abstract: Effects of the in ovo injection of organic Mn, Zn, and Cu in association with post-hatch (POH) feed and water restriction on the performance and physical-chemical bone parameters of male Ross × Ross 708 broilers were examined. On 17 d of incubation, a total of 1,872 eggs were subjected to in ovo injection using a commercial multi-egg injector. Treatments (TRT) includingd non-injected and diluent-injected controls. The respective Zn, Mn, and Cu levels (mg/mL) added to the diluent of the low (LMD) and high mineral (HMD) TRT groups were 0.181, 0.087, and 0.010, and 0.544, 0.260, and 0.030, respectively. The 4 TRT groups were then sub-divided into 2 POH holding time (HT) groups, with 15 birds randomly allocated to each of 6 replicate pens in each of the 8 groups. The first HT group (0HT) had immediate access to water and feed, and the second HT group (24HT) contained birds that were kept in transport baskets for 24 h before being released. Performance was determined and selected birds were subsequently necropsied and their tibiae extracted for analysis. In comparison to birds from 24HT group, those in the 0HT group had a higher BW gain and feed intake, and a lower FCR through 21 d POH. The percentage of bone ash of the birds belonging to the HMD group was higher than all other TRT on d 1 POH and was higher than the non-injection control group on d 21 POH. On d 1, the LMD and HMD groups had higher tibial Mn concentrations than those of the control groups. On d 7, bones from the HMD group had a higher concentration of Mn than did the non-injected control group, and likewise, on d 21 POH, had a higher concentration of Zn than did the control groups. In conclusion, a 24HT negatively affected the performance of the birds during the first 2 wk POH; however, the LMD and HMD TRT had a positive influence on bone mineralization.
Idioma: en_US
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