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dc.creatorMagalhães, R. R.-
dc.creatorBraga Júnior, R. A.-
dc.creatorBarbosa, B. H. G.-
dc.identifier.citationMAGALHÃES, R. R.; BRAGA JÚNIOR, R. A.; BARBOSA, B. H. G. Young׳s modulus evaluation using particle image velocimetry and finite element inverse analysis. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, London, v. 70, p. 33-37, July 2015.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractMost of the conventional design solutions using the Finite Element Method (FEM) have the material's properties defined. This is necessary to set those properties from commercial software library to run the simulations. However, some material's properties are not standardized which can provide unreliable results due to wrong input data to the simulations. In this case, non-destructive mechanical tests for measuring deformations can be used to generate displacements values in order to provide the material behavior through FEM inverse analysis methods. This paper is focused on using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) together with the Particle-Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm and the FEM inverse analysis to investigate Young's Modulus of the material ASTM A36 steel. The displacements of a cantilever beam were measured by means of PIV association to the speckle patterns provided by a laser beam. The results indicated Young's Modulus estimation error around 5% compared to the original material properties. It shows the potentiality of PIV associated to PSO in order to determine the mechanical properties of steel via the FEM inverse analysis in a robust and low cost procedure.pt_BR
dc.sourceOptics and Lasers in Engineeringpt_BR
dc.subjectParticle image velocimetrypt_BR
dc.subjectParticle swarm optimizationpt_BR
dc.subjectFinite element inverse analysispt_BR
dc.subjectDisplacements measurementspt_BR
dc.subjectMaterial definitionpt_BR
dc.subjectVelocimetria da imagem de partículapt_BR
dc.subjectOtimização de enxame de partículaspt_BR
dc.subjectAnálise inversa de elementos finitospt_BR
dc.subjectMedições de deslocamentospt_BR
dc.titleYoung׳s modulus evaluation using particle image velocimetry and finite element inverse analysispt_BR
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