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dc.creatorMorais, E. C.-
dc.creatorEsmerino, E. A.-
dc.creatorMonteiro, R. A.-
dc.creatorPinheiro, C. M.-
dc.creatorNunes, C. A.-
dc.creatorCruz, A. G.-
dc.creatorBolini, Helena M. A.-
dc.identifier.citationMORAIS, E. C. Prebiotic low sugar chocolate dairy desserts: physical and optical characteristics and performance of PARAFAC and PCA preference map. Journal of Food Science, Champaign, v. 81, n. 1, p. S156–S164, Jan. 2016.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractThe addition of prebiotic and sweeteners in chocolate dairy desserts opens up new opportunities to develop dairy desserts that besides having a lower calorie intake still has functional properties. In this study, prebiotic low sugar dairy desserts were evaluated by 120 consumers using a 9-point hedonic scale, in relation to the attributes of appearance, aroma, flavor, texture, and overall liking. Internal preference map using parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC) and principal component analysis (PCA) was performed using the consumer data. In addition, physical (texture profile) and optical (instrumental color) analyses were also performed. Prebiotic dairy desserts containing sucrose and sucralose were equally liked by the consumers. These samples were characterized by firmness and gumminess, which can be considered drivers of liking by the consumers. Optimization of the prebiotic low sugar dessert formulation should take in account the choice of ingredients that contribute in a positive manner for these parameters. PARAFAC allowed the extraction of more relevant information in relation to PCA, demonstrating that consumer acceptance analysis can be evaluated by simultaneously considering several attributes. Multiple factor analysis reported Rv value of 0.964, suggesting excellent concordance for both methods.pt_BR
dc.sourceJournal of Food Sciencept_BR
dc.subjectDesserts - Prebioticspt_BR
dc.subjectDesserts - Sweetenerspt_BR
dc.subjectDairy dessertspt_BR
dc.subjectSobremesas - Prebióticospt_BR
dc.subjectSobremesas - Adoçantespt_BR
dc.subjectSobremesas de produtos lácteospt_BR
dc.titlePrebiotic low sugar chocolate dairy desserts: physical and optical characteristics and performance of PARAFAC and PCA preference mappt_BR
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