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metadata.revistascielo.dc.title: ANATOMY AND PHYSICO-CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE WOOD OF Zanthoxylum tingoassuiba St. Hil. GROWING IN LAVRAS- MG
metadata.revistascielo.dc.creator: Mendes, Lourival Marin
Silva, José Reinaldo Moreira da
Trugilho, Paulo Fernando
Lopes, Guilherme de Andrade
metadata.revistascielo.dc.subject: wood anatomy, characteristics physical-chemical, Zanthoxylum tingoassuiba St. Hill
metadata.revistascielo.dc.publisher: CERNE
CERNE 6-Oct-2015
metadata.revistascielo.dc.description: The objetive of the study was to describe the anatomic characteristics and to evaluate chemical composition and basic density of Zanthoxylum tingoassuiba St. Hil woodbecause of lack in information in the literature. The anatomy inclued quantitative data on xylem structure and was illustrate by microphotografies at the three anatomical planes. An analysis of the taxonomical phylogenic characteristics was performed along with an avaliation of the potential uses based on those parameters.
metadata.revistascielo.dc.language: por
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