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Autor: Silva, Carlos Rodrigues da
Barbosa, José Marcos
Carrasco, Pablo Garcia
Castanheira, Solange dos Anjos
Pereira, Marco Aurélio
Junior, Nelson Augusto dos Santos
Palavras-chave: Dispersion, sandbank forest
Publicador: CERNE
Data: 20-Mai-2015
Outras Identificações :
Descrição: There is a lack of basic information about the dynamic of seed bank over the soil in the sandbank forests. Studies such as seed rain are requested to establish ways for the sustainable wielding and to subsidize projects of degraded areas reclamation.  Based on that, the objective of this paper is to characterize the seed rain and to establish its relation with some aspects of the vegetation in one part of a height sandbank forest located in Ilha Comprida. Wooden traps made with base and cover of fine-mesh nylon were distributed on the area. A total of 50 species were collected, pertaining to 19 families (72.6% zoochoric and 27.33% anemochoric). The height level of concentration of zoochoric seeds indicates that the forest possess a reasonable level of conservation. The height density of allochthonous seeds (47.06%) found in the studied area indicates increase of floristic similarity among the vegetation mosaics in a long period; however, this is possible only when the soil condition is similar.
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