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Autor: Machado, Cibele Ferreira
Oliveira, João Almir de
Davide, Antonio Cláudio
Guimarães, Renato Mendes
Palavras-chave: seeds, Tabebuia serratifolia, germination, temperature, substrate
Publicador: CERNE
Data: 8-Out-2015
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Descrição: Tabebuia serratifolia is an arboreal species, widely distributed in Brazil, with high economical and ornamental value.  Its propagation is made by seeds dispersion and little is known about the methodology to evaluate its seeds physiological quality.  Therefore, this work studied types of appropriate substrate and temperatures for running the germination test of Tabebuia serratifolia under laboratory condition. The germination test was carried out using two seed lots (harvest of 1998 and 1999), two types of substrates(blotter and sand) under different temperature regimes (ranging from 15 to 35oC on a termogradient table, and an oscillating regime 20-30oC in a BOD incubator) with photoperiod of 12 hours. The evaluation was made daily and the results expressed as percentage and index of germination speed.The results showed that the seed germination was higher at temperatures in  the 25 to 35oC range, being quicker at 30oC.  Under temperature oscillating from 20 to 30oC, germination was not favored. Regarding to the substrate both sand and blotter were promising to be used in the germination test in the optimal range of temperature.
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