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???metadata.dc.creator???: Varanda, Luciano Donizeti
Alves, Manoel Cléber de Sampaio
Gonçalves, Marcos Tadeu Tibúrcio
Santiago, Luiz Fernando Frezzatti
Keywords: Wood sanding, Eucalyptus grandis, data acquisition, machining, roughness
Publisher: CERNE
???metadata.dc.date???: 2-Nov-2015
Other Identifiers: http://www.cerne.ufla.br/site/index.php/CERNE/article/view/687
Description: In 2010, the Brazilian forest sector is represented by about 30,000 companies producing US$ 21 billion annually and account for approximately 5% of the gross domestic product (GDP) in the country. The sanding process is highly demanded in various stages of industrialization of the wood, when there is a need for a better quality surface finishing. The objective of this work was to analyze the influence of cutting speed and sandpaper granulometry on both the surface finishing of pieces of Eucalyptus grandis processed through tubular sanding and on the sanding efforts (force and power of sanding). Four cutting speeds were used (19.5, 22.7, 26 and 28.1 m/s), one advance speed (16 m/min) and three sets of sandpaper (80-100, 80-120 and 100-120) being one for chipping and another for finishing, respectively. A central data acquisition system was set up to capture the variables (cutting power, acoustic emission and vibration) in real time. The cutting force was obtained indirectly, through a frequency inverter. The roughness of the parts was measured by a roughness meter before and after sanding. The highest cutting speed used (28.1 m/s) consumed more power and generated more acoustic emission among the four speeds tested. Regarding the vibration, the lower cutting speed (19.5 m/ s) generated the highest vibration in the sander machine. It is concluded that the range of 100-120 sandpapers resulted in values of average roughness (Ra) lower than the other sets of sandpaper used, as it resulted in better surface finishing.
???metadata.dc.language???: eng
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