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Autor: Gasparoto, Esthevan Augusto Goes
Tonello, Kelly Cristina
Shinzato, Emily Tsiemi
Valente, Roberta de Oliveira Averna
Palavras-chave: Net precipitation, interception, forest hydrology.
Publicador: CERNE
Data: 6-Abr-2016
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Descrição: In forestry, throughfall (Pi) is that fraction of rainfall that runs directly through the tree canopy and reaches the ground. It is characterized as the main source of water supply in a watershed. This study aimed to analyze the dynamics of throughfall in three types of forest stands, namely Eucalyptus cloeziana, Pinus sp. and seasonal semideciduous forest (FES), all located in Ipanema National Forest, in the municipality of Iperó-SP. In each stand, a 300 m² plot was established in which ten rain gauges were installed for monitoring throughfall, and three rain gauges were installed in an open area adjacent to the stand for measuring gross precipitation (P). At the end of 25 observations, it was observed that, relative to P values, Pi values were 76.2% in semideciduous forest (FES), 85.1% in E.cloeziana forest and 84.0% in Pinus sp forest. In addition, comparing these stands, a larger leaf canopy coverage and consequently greater capability for water retention was noted in the semideciduous forest. However, no statistical differences were observed (P<0.05) between the stands of interest regarding throughfall. 
Idioma: eng
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