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Autor: Pedreschi, Ricardo
Gomes, Francisco Carlos
Mendes, Lourival Marin
Palavras-chave: wood, opinion research, system approach, building construction
Publicador: CERNE
Data: 25-Set-2015
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Descrição: Building construction is considered to be the leading market for the wood industry, in developed and developing countries. The greatest amount of wood produced in Brazil is consumed as firewood and energy, followed by production of cellulose and third as machined wood. The use of wood from planted forests can be increased. This would lead to a better use of natural resources, and consequently to an increased sustainability of forest activity in many regions of the country. The performance of wood can be observed from many different insights: symbolic performance, technical performance and economical performance, conducted by the method of systems approach to architecture. Usages of wood related to the performances of the material, with the redefinition of parameters of use, elaborating a new culture linked to new technologies were outlined. This work diagnosed the usage of wood in building construction based in system analysis. Through an opinion research related to the acceptation of the use of wood we observe the possibilities of utilization according to physical and mechanical proprieties, aesthetics and appearance performance and postoccupation. According to the results obtained related to the culture and knowledge about the use of wood from planted forest, it can conclude that there is not enough knowledge in this area, and it is, therefore, necessary to create an information system for professionals and for people in general.
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