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Autor: Cademartori, Pedro Henrique Gonzalez de
Gatto, Darci Alberto
Stangerlin, Diego Martins
Schneid, Eduardo
Hamm, Leandro Gonçalves
Palavras-chave: Wood resin tapping, wood technology, wood flaws, kiln drying, sawing
Publicador: CERNE
Data: 5-Abr-2016
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Descrição: This study aimed to characterize the quality of Pinus elliottii sawn timber extracted from tapped forests and processed in a sawmill in São José do Norte (RS). Four butt logs and four upper logs for each of the three existing diameter grades were selected and sawed. The wood pieces were analyzed after sawing and after kiln drying. The presence of knots, which occurred due to the absence of forest management and influenced the qualitative classification of the wood pieces, was observed mainly in the samples from upper logs. The process of resin tapping contributed to a higher incidence of resin pockets in the samples from butt logs, also influencing the qualitative classification of the samples. The appearance of drying defects did not modify the classification of the wood samples from butt and upper logs.
Idioma: eng
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