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Título: A Shape from Shading Approach for the Reconstruction of Polyhedral Objects using Genetic Algorithm
Autor(es): Kumar, Manoj
Bhargava, Rama
Balasubramanian, R.
Assunto: Polyhedra, superstrictness, Lambertian, albedo
Publicador: Editora da UFLA
Publicação: 1-Jun-2009
Outras Identificações: http://www.dcc.ufla.br/infocomp/index.php/INFOCOMP/article/view/262
Informações adicionais: This paper presents a robust approach for the reconstruction of polyhedral objects from line drawings. Minimization technique has been used in this approach by exploiting the shading information contained in the image. The minimization energy function has been formulated between observed and calculated value of image intensity under the Lambertian reflectance model. Various constraints e.g. the surface normal coplanarity and edge length proportionality constraints are used to get the unique solution for the depth values. The minimization problem is nonlinear with nonlinear constraints, which is solved by using Genetic Algorithm. The proposed algorithm produces satisfactory results even in the case of slight error in computation of vertex positions caused in image processing. The algorithm has been tested on synthetic images and the results are shown
Idioma: eng
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