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Título: Mathematic Modeling and Performance Analysis of an Adaptive Congestion Control in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Autor: Naja, Rola
Palavras-chave: Intelligent Transport system, congestion control, performance, mobility model.
Publicador: Editora da UFLA
Data: 1-Jun-2015
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Descrição: In this paper, we develop a preventive congestion control mechanism applied at highway entrances and devised for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The proposed mechanism provides a vehicular admission control, regulates input traffic and performs vehicular traffic shaping. Our congestion control mechanism includes two classes of vehicles and is based on a specific priority ticket pool scheme with queue-length threshold scheduling policy, tailored to vehicular networks. In an attempt to cope with vehicular traffic fluctuation, we integrate an adaptation ticket generation module. The enhanced mechanism is then able to detect road congestion and provide performance metrics to road site units at the highway entrance. Mathematical modeling based on the embedded Markov chain method highlights the benefits of the proposed scheme. Performance analysis demonstrates the mechanism capability to accurately characterize road traffic congestion conditions, shape vehicular traffic and reduce travel time.
Idioma: eng
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