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Title: Comércio de animais selvagens em Minas Gerais
Other Titles: Wild animals trade in Minas Gerais State
Keywords: Animal breeding
Bird trade
Criação de animais selvagens
Venda de animais selvagens
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Instituto de Ciencias Biologicas - UFJF
Citation: BIAGOLINI-JUNIOR, C. H.; SAAD, C. E. do P. Comércio de animais selvagens em Minas Gerais. Revista Brasileira de Zoociências, Juiz de Fora, v. 14, n. 1/ 3, p. 261-267, 2012.
Abstract: Studies to assess the trade of wild animals in Brazil are still incipient. This study aimed to clarify the legalized trade situation of wild animals in Minas Gerais. We observed 529 species raised for trade, among them 227 (42.91%) belong to the Brazilian fauna, and 302 (57.09%) are exotic species. We counted 6 mammals, 12 reptiles, and 511 birds. Looking at the number of species within each order of birds, we found that Psittaciformes are the most traded, with 230 species representing 45.01% of the total number of birds. By evaluating the sales we see that 338 species (63.89%) were sold exclusively by one breeder. The geographical distribution of breeders has shown that most are centrally located in the state of Minas Gerais. Analyzing the degree of threat to commercialized species, observed that there is no preference in the choice of species regarding their level of threat.
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