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Title: Reforma do Estado e democracia brasileira
Other Titles: State reform and democracy in Brazil
Keywords: Estado
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: The objective of this essay is to analyze which were the contributions of the State reform to the strengthening of Brazilian democracy, exploring. The main focus of reform in Brazil, so far, has been the reduction of public spending, followed by market orientation, which is based on programs to strengthen Brazilian industry and its domestic economy. Although, ideologically, the strengthening of the democracy has been present in the public speeches, it is believed that the State Reform has not helped the democratic development in Brazil, but was a fundamental starting point for that. The path towards the modernization of the state and strengthen Brazilian democracy is still society in public affairs. Moreover, we consider necessary and urgent expansion of the state Reform in the levels of state governmen particularly at local context, focusing on strengthening democratic institutions as the use of social, economic, political and environmental indicators for defining the goals and objectives of the state. We believe these initiatives will put into practice what is divulged in the speech in terms of public transparency and social participation.
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