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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2017Decondensation of chromosomal 45S rDNA sites in Lolium and Festuca genotypes does not result in karyotype instabilityRocha, Laiane Corsini; Jankowska, Maja; Fuchs, Joerg; Mittelmann, Andréa; Techio, Vânia Helena; Houben, Andreas
Jul-2016Fragile sites of 45S rDNA of Lolium multiflorum are not hotspots for chromosomal breakages induced by X-rayRocha, Laiane Corsini; Mittelmann, Andrea; Houben, Andreas; Techio, Vânia Helena
1-Aug-201845S rDNA sites in meiosis of Lolium multiflorum Lam.: variability, non-homologous associations and lack of fragilityRocha, Laiane Corsini; Ferreira, Marco Túlio Mendes; Cunha, Isabela Martinez Fontes; Mittelmann, Andréa; Techio, Vânia Helena
Dec-2018Relationship between epigenetic marks and the behavior of 45S rDNA sites in chromosomes and interphase nuclei of Lolium-Festuca complexFerreira, Marco Tulio Mendes; Rocha, Laiane Corsini; Vitoriano, Matheus Braga Zanon; Mittelmann, Andréa; Techio, Vânia Helena
Mar-2015Functional repetitive sequences and fragile sites in chromosomes of Lolium perenne L.Rocha, Laiane Corsini; Bustamante, Fernanda de Oliveira; Silveira, Raphaela Aparecida Duarte; Torres, Giovana Augusta; Mittelmann, Andréa; Techio, Vânia Helena
Dec-2019Heterochromatin bands and rDNA sites evolution in polyploidization events in Cynodon Rich. (Poaceae)Chiavegatto, Raquel Bezerra; Chaves, Ana Luisa Arantes; Rocha, Laiane Corsini; Benites, Flávio Rodrigo Gandolfi; Peruzzi, Lorenzo; Techio, Vânia Helena
4-Sep-2019Comparative meiosis and cytogenomic analysis in euploid and aneuploid hybrids of Urochloa P. BeauvRocha, Mara Jane da; Chiavegatto, Raquel Bezerra; Damasceno, Ana Gabriela; Rocha, Laiane Corsini; Souza Sobrinho, Fausto; Techio, Vânia Helena
Jul-2015Analysis of nuclear DNA content and chromosome number for screening genotypes and crosses in Annual Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.)Bustamante, Fernanda de Oliveira; Rocha, Laiane Corsini; Santos, Natália de Souza; Silveira, Raphaela Aparecida Duarte; Nunes, Renata de Castro; Mittelmann, Andréa; Techio, Vânia Helena