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Título : Integrated production systems under the sustainable innovation perspective
Autor: Tonelli, Dany Flávio
Nogueira, Elizete A. Teixeira
Calegario, Cristina Lelis Leal
Benedicto, Gideon Carvalho de
Palavras-chave: Innovation
Integrated farming system
Data da publicação: 2012
Referência: TONELLI, D. F. et al. Integrated production systems under the sustainable innovation perspective. African Journal of Business Management, Nairobi, v. 6, n. 14, p. 4761-4767, Apr. 2012.
Resumo : The purpose of this paper was to describe the integrated farming system in a perspective of sustainable innovation. For that, the paper initially sought to synthesize two of the current conceptions about the innovation theory: the economic and the sociologic approaches. The first highlighted the contribution of the Schumpeterian approach of evolutionary economy, which importantly reflects on the conduction of the innovation politics in several countries. The second highlighted the dedication of Science and Technology Studies in order to understand how the innovation can be seen as a socio-collective process which stabilizes a heterogenic network of actors. The path shown for exploitation of theoretical and practical models of sustainable innovation was developed through the alliance between the environmental, the economical and the social perspectives. The description of the Integrated Production Systems fell within this perspective of sustainable innovation, since these systems search to conciliate indissoluble needs originated from environmental, social, and economic dimensions. Finally, the conclusion pointed that Integrated Farming Systems are processes developed in a systemic approach, that is, holistic, since they sought a rational use of natural resources and higher productive efficiency, considering the environmental, social and economic aspects.
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