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dc.creatorBelan, Leônidas Leoni-
dc.creatorPozza, Edson Ampélio-
dc.creatorFreitas, Marcelo Loran de Oliveira-
dc.creatorSouza, Ricardo Magela de-
dc.creatorJesus Junior, Waldir Cintra de-
dc.creatorOliveira, Júlia Marques-
dc.identifier.citationBELAN, L. L. et al. Diagrammatic scale for assessment of bacterial blight in coffee leaves. Journal of Phytopathology, [Berlin], v. 162, n. 11/12, p. 801-810, Dec. 2014.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractDue to the lack of a standardized visual method for assessing bacterial blight (Pseudomonas syringae pv. garcae) in coffee leaves, a diagrammatic scale was developed and validated to quantify the disease. Leaves were collected in crops and nursery with different intensity of symptoms, and the true severity was determined electronically. Based on the frequency distribution of severity values and according to the Weber–Fechner's law of visual stimulus, the minimum and maximum limits and the intermediate levels in the scale were determined. Validation was performed by ten evaluators who estimated the severity of 50 leaves with different intensity of symptoms. One evaluation was performed without diagrammatic scale and two evaluations with the scale at 7-day intervals. The accuracy, precision, repeatability and reproducibility of the estimates were evaluated. The scale had nine levels: 0 (0%), 1 (0.1–0.99%), 2 (1–2%), 3 (2.01–4%), 4 (4.01–8%), 5 (8.01–16%), 6 (16.01–25%), 7 (25.01–45%) and 8 (≥45.1%). Using the scale, the evaluators were able to improve accuracy, precision, reproducibility and repeatability of estimates, compared to evaluators without scale. The scale was appropriate to visual estimation of severity of bacterial blight in coffee leaves.pt_BR
dc.sourceJournal of Phytopathologypt_BR
dc.subjectEpidemiology – Statistical methodspt_BR
dc.subjectPhytopathogenic bacteriapt_BR
dc.subjectCoffee – Diseases and pestspt_BR
dc.subjectEpidemiologia – Métodos estatísticospt_BR
dc.subjectBactérias fitopatogênicaspt_BR
dc.subjectCafé – Doenças e pragaspt_BR
dc.subjectPseudomonas syringaept_BR
dc.titleDiagrammatic scale for assessment of bacterial blight in coffee leavespt_BR
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