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Title: Qualidade da carne de aves da raça Rodhe Island Red criadas em sistema alternativo
Other Titles: Meat quality of Rodhe Island Red poultry reared in alternative system
Keywords: Ácido graxo
Força de cisalhamento
Fatty acids
Shear force
Carne - Cor
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Goiás, Escola de Veterinária e Zootecnia
Citation: CRUZ, F. L. et al. Qualidade da carne de aves da raça Rodhe Island Red criadas em sistema alternativo. Ciência Animal Brasileira, Goiânia, v. 18, 2017.
Abstract: This study aimed to characterize the quality of the meat from Rodhe Island Red poultry, considering the type of cut and sex. We used 30 birds in a completely randomized design in a factorial arrangement (2 x 2), two cuts (breast and thigh) and both sexes, with five replicates per treatment. The birds were slaughtered at 105 days to carry out the physical and chemical analysis, chemical composition and lipid profile of breast and thigh. The thigh showed the highest mean final pH, redness (a*) and shear force (SF). For brightness (L*), the breast had the highest average as well as females presented the highest SF average. The thigh presented the highest amount of ether extract (EE) and humidity. The breast presented the highest amount of saturated fatty acids. Females showed the highest amount of ω3 and the lowest ω6 / ω3 relation. There was a higher thrombogenicity index in breast meat. The thigh showed the lowest content of saturated fatty acids and a lower thrombogenicity index. Females had higher content of ω3. The cut showed greater influence then sex on the studied parameters and the thigh showed better physical and chemical aspects and lipid profile for poultry meat in such production system regarding the meat quality as desirable by the consumers.
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