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dc.creatorCorrêa, Uellington-
dc.creatorRibeiro, Bruna Pontara Vilas Boas-
dc.creatorCarvalho, Francisval de Melo-
dc.creatorBenedicto, Gideon Carvalho de-
dc.creatorCorrêa, Euler de Assis-
dc.creatorCorrêa, Bryan William Alvarenga-
dc.identifier.citationCORRÊA, U. et al. Chicken price transmission elasticity in São Paulo state market. Holos, [S.l.], ano 33, v. 8, 2017.pt_BR
dc.publisherInstituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Nortept_BR
dc.subjectVector autoregressive modelpt_BR
dc.subjectModelo vetorial auto-regressivopt_BR
dc.titleChicken price transmission elasticity in São Paulo state marketpt_BR
dc.title.alternativeElasticidade de transmissão de preços da carne de frango no mercado do estado de São Paulopt_BR
dc.description.resumoAfter implementation of the Real Plan in July 1994 by the Brazilian government, the industrial chicken was established in consumer preference causing change in their spending habits. This change was attributed in great part due to their affordability to the consumer. This article aims to analyze the price transmission elasticity of poultry in the state of São Paulo market and identify which market level focuses on the greatest power of pricing, either at the producer level, wholesale and retail. By studying São Paulo’s poultry market, we intend to provide information to support decision making by managers of the production chain. Furthermore, São Paulo is the largest poultry consumer market in the country. Therefore, it is used in the treatment of poultry price data at the producer level, wholesale and retail the econometric model of Vector Autoregressive (VAR). The results found by analyzing the variance decomposition of forecast errors demonstrate that the producer has a high power setting of prices of poultry in the São Paulo’s market, having direct influence on the formation of prices both at wholesale as well as retail.pt_BR
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